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updated wed 17 jun 98


L.Louise Lashambe on tue 16 jun 98

Hi Everyone:
It's me again. I was hiding under a very large rock but I'm back and I did
build a 33" piece intitled "Enlightenment", sawdust fired it along side two
other sculptures in a forty-five gallon ( I think that was the size of the
drum anyways it was big) Did not sleep much that night, pacing, waiting,
rubbing my hands together, not knowing what will happen ( the best part).
Because I use foil on the pieces, the kiln God blessed the pieces with
wonderful designs on all sides. Some are waxed and finished others are left
matte or a combination of the two. Just thought I'd share this with the
group. The other reason I'm writing is because I've just watched two videos
some of you might want to know about. Both videos were produced by, Creative
Video Productions 2675 W. Hwy 89A, #300 Sedona, AZ 86336 520-282-7353. As
you may know Don Reitz is on my list of the top five potters that have
influenced my philosophy in my work, so it comes as no surprize that the
first video is called, Don Reitz "Art and the Search for Truth". This video
is an account of his work from the start to the present. He is truly a free
spirit and has a message to share with those that need to listen. He teaches
the viewer to accept what the clay gives without question. I like that about
him. Take what you get and go on to the next piece.
The other video is called simply "John M. Soderberg".I could not believe how
beautiful this man's work was. He bronzes his work and the process is
demonstrated in the video. It almost broke my heart when he had to cut the
pieces apart in order to complete the bronzing process ( I hugged all my
pieces and reasurred them this would not happen to them).The spirit in
John's work is overwheling, at times haunting. He also drives a Harley which
just adds the colour to the video. I thought the videos were well produced
and informative. While I have no connection with Creative Video, they
deserve the plug for a job well done.
Well I did not intend to make this long so bye for now.

Thought of the day " In the dark time, the eye begins to see." Theodore Roethke

Regards Louise