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tile press plans

updated thu 18 jun 98


Cheryl Sculley on wed 17 jun 98

Kathyb and Dave,
Thank you for the information. The tile press plans came directly out =
of a
book by Frank Giogini. The title is 'Handmade Tiles=22 ISBN 0-937274-76-3.=
purchased this book through Highwater Clay in Ashville. My Husband followed=
plans exactly and it works extremely well. I could not be happier. I have =
thrown all the sinks for the house and made and painted all the tiles for =
counters and walls in the kitchen and 3 bathrooms. I am ahead of my =
but was afraid I would make them wait so I started early. I can only hope
everything works out when it comes time to install everything. Is there a
secret to installing tiles? Sigh.. Another life lesson to learn.

Cheryl J. Sculley

Cheryl Sculley on wed 17 jun 98

My tile press is made of wood with metal connections where needed. I =
my plaster molds for sizes 4,6 and 8 inch tiles and have used all of them.
Twelve inch tiles like to warp to much for me to want to spend time working =
them right now. I press my tiles on a cloth covered board and as soon as =
are set up enough to handle I transfer them to cloth covered drywall to dry.=
cover them lightly with plastic for a few days and uncover them more when I =
they are ready. My warpage is small and I am glad that it is working. Mine=
not to reason why... Suburbia and all the headaches it brings is why we are
building in the country.
There are some really cool photos in the 'Handmade Tiles' book that =
be of interest to you concerning your fireplace. Good luck and I will see =
I can come up with as well. (We have a fireplace to do also).
Cheryl J. Sculley