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desire,not the teacher..

updated sat 20 jun 98


Vicki Joannah Rial on fri 19 jun 98

I am enjoying the discussion on what makes an
artist/craftsperson/ceramist, however, after reading the post that
concluded desire, not teachers, makes artists, i had to comment...

right now, i have the desire to be working in clay, but i am
recovering from a badly broken arm...i am teaching myself to work
another way...

i am also teaching a beginning ceramics class with the helpful hands
of Lowell Baker and others here at the U of Alabama...i have students
of all sorts.. business majors, art majors, secondary ed majors...but
all with varying levels of desire to make art...some have a desire
for three hours credit...and that's it.

..but it is my job to offer
suggestions on design, challenge content and form,encourage those who
have the desire to make a good pot but don't know how....that is the
value of a teacher...instruction, demonstration, advisement, first ceramics teacher was such a guy...he taught
me the beauty of clay as material and gave me instruction on sound
building and design...and challenged me to push myself...

it's great if you are a natural, but don't forget the many things you
have learned from the many teachers in your life....

thanks for letting me stand on my soapbox....vicki