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mailing ball mill plans

updated sat 27 jun 98


Mary Dye on sat 20 jun 98

Clayarters --

All of you who asked for copies of the Ball Mill Plans -- they are going
out today, probably will be postmarked tomorrow (Sat.).

These are the names I have (If you asked for the plans and your name is
missing, please send me another post) Enjoy!

R. Hartman
I. Poulsen
M. Markey
P. Fox
H. DeWittie
S. Merriman
K. Buchsen
C. Sculley
R. Moore
R. Korn
C. Meigs
G. Whelon
D. Rittenburg
A. Babcock
JR Innes
J. Tamolevich
D. Cowdrill
H. Ray
J. Walker
J. Axford
D. Woloshyn
G. Ferguson
K. Chase

-- Mary Dye

Anne W. Bracker on fri 26 jun 98

Please send the plans for the ball mill to:
Attn: Anne W. Bracker
Bracker's Good Earth Clays
1835 E 1450 Rd
Lawrence, KS 66044

Thanks very much!!!

Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc.
1831 E 1450 Road
Lawrence, KS 66044

1 785 841-4750 OFFICE
1 785 841-8142 FAX
1 888 822-1982 ORDER LINE E-MAIL

"Clay Ain't Dirt"