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firing casseroles ^6 stuck lids

updated mon 22 jun 98


Stephen Mills on sun 21 jun 98

I use a gadjet I made similar to the one used by my local tyre depot to
remove metal hubcaps: it has a sliding weight on a shaft and shocks the
lid off. This is on casseroles etc. fired to ^9.


In message , Joy Holdread writes
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>> I haven't tried this but I think I read/heard somewhere to put containers
>> with stuck lids in the microwave ALONG with a container of water (very
>> important to have that liquid in there) and heat them up a little. I'm
>> assuming the expansion from heating pops the little glaze spots between lid
>> and gallery loose. Anyone familiar with this method?
>> >
>> Theresa L. Jones
>I have a bucket of water handy by the kiln, I dunk any stuck lid under water &
>hold it till the bubbles stop. For miner stuck lids the water pressure
>usually does the trick. Perhaps the slight temp difference does too. I said
>slight watch severe temp shock.
>Joy in Tucson

Steve Mills
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