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studio jobs: favorite and least so

updated wed 24 jun 98


judy motzkin on tue 23 jun 98

Since the saggar kiln in my yard was shut down by the fire dept a
year ago, I now have a least favorite job: packing and unpacking.
In the life cycle of my pots, after they are bisqued here, they are
packed and put in the van, then unpacked at the kiln/studio, then
loaded, fired, unloaded, packed, unpacked back at my studio, cleaned,
sorted, packed again for a show, where they are unpacked, shown,
packed if sold (in which case I don't have to unpack them again,
somebody else does), or packed to return ato the studio, where they
may be packed for shipping out to a gallery or left to wait for future
instructions. I sometimes wonder if the pots breathe a sigh of relief
when they finally find home. I do.

And yes, yes, and yes to Richard Aerni. Perseverence, willingness,
and passion for the process.
Judy in Cambridge, where all is green and summer!

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