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smooth bottoms (reply)

updated fri 26 jun 98


Dale McCleskey on thu 25 jun 98

06/25/98 07:44 AM

Jack, just another tidbit on this subject. The type of clay you're using
makes an enormous amount of difference. I use a ^6 buff stoneware that is
inherently rough. No matter how much I burnish it before firing, it will
still open up and be scratchy after firing, so I hit it with a belt sander
to smooth the bottoms off. Sometimes I just rub the bottom with an old mug
bottom. On the other hand, I also use a ^6 white stoneware and a ^6
porcelain. With both of them I burnish the bottoms and they come out smooth
as a baby's ear. When I carve foot rings (or when I trim the bottoms if I
don't carve a ring on the particular piece) I just spin it and smooth it
with a wooden rib. Works best at the dry end of leather hard stage. If its
too dry, add a little water by dipping rib.