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bubbles in low fire clear glazes

updated sun 12 jul 98


Helen Crowe on mon 6 jul 98

Spectrum 06/04 clear glaze also bubbles on bowls. My ceramic supplier said
they had never seen such a thing and abashed I slunk away. But now others
have shared a common problem. Bubbles exist! I bisqued long and slow and
high. I soaked and cooled down slowly in the glaze firing. And then I gave
up. My tiles were bumpy but not blistered. My bowls were garbage. Why. The
problem seems to occur with a variety of low fire clear commercial glazes.
I was told to use them because it is too difficult to make a good low fire
clear. Is there a recipe for a low fire clear that is workable?

Dana Henson on sat 11 jul 98

I have never experienced any trouble whatsoever with Duncan Diamond Clear low
fire glaze (06).
Dana Henson