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big tile end

updated fri 10 jul 98 on thu 9 jul 98

Many thanks to those of you who chimed in on the big tile discussion.

Here are the two different opinions regarding my friend's dilemma. I said
for her to gently, but immediately put it on a kiln shelf, dry it slowly,
and fire it in one piece. Her teacher said for her to re-wet it and then
cut it. Seems that this Clayart group is equally divided, too.

Joy in wet Tucson has a point about the definition of "leather hard."
That's why I called it the "brittle leather hard stage" which, to me,
ar-will-break-with-a-semi-ragged-edge. Technically, I guess I agree
that's past leather hard, in the malleable sense. It's kind of like the
definition of "blue." That single word is often used to indicate
turquoise, indigo, royal, and thousands of other variations.

And along those lines I thank you all for your thoughts and ideas. It's
fun to see how many variations there are in solutions to problems. What a