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mess 'o slip - unsolicited testimonials

updated sun 12 jul 98


Jeff Lawrence on sat 11 jul 98

Hello would-be slipcasters,

As noted by wiser heads on other heads, there's always the question of
money or time. If you have some cash, consider equipment from Sugar Creek
Industries in Linden IN USA 317-339-4641. I have been very well satisfied
with their mixers, pumps, tanks and tables.

They sell a 15 gallon mixer for $220US -- works great for me for reducing
native clay to workable slip, would work well for glazes, too.

If you have your own tank, they sell a clamp-on mixer (motor, shaft, prop,
clamp) for about $160US.

Just a happy customer, etc.

If you're short and want a real mess 'o slip, get a recycled plastic drum,
Grainger 3/4 hp motor, 1/2" ss shaft and a couple of little props and make
a 55 gallon mixer for about $150. Hot tip: use the threaded hole side (top)
for your bottom (makes pvc plumbing easier), mount the motor to the bottom,
and cut a hole in the bottom for your opening. This size comfortably holds
slip made from ~425lb dry material. Not my invention: follows suggestions
by the man who sold me all the parts, Brant Palley (aka the "Ceramic King"
800-781-CLAY) and has worked well for me for several years.

Jeff Lawrence
Sun Dagger Design
Rt. 1 Box 394L
Espanola, NM 87532
vox/fax 505-753-5913