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studio floor plans

updated tue 14 jul 98


Roxanne Hunnicutt on sat 11 jul 98

I am looking for ideas for building a studio. The site has some problems.
It is on a slope and is not too large, will necessitate a long skinny
studio! But after years of waiting I am not going to let THAT stop me!

If you have any ideas, plans or know references, PLEASE let me know!

Roxanne Hunnicutt in OR

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Sheilah Bliss on mon 13 jul 98

Hi Roxanne-
I've stuck my studio in a rather small, narrow space in what used to be a
basement cold storage/fruit room. It's 6'x13.5', holds electric kiln, wheel,
shelves to the ceiling, a couple of salvage base cabinets with canvas covered
plaster wedging areas on top, and a 2'x4' waist-high work table/surface over
more shelves. The shelves hold both supplies and ingredients, and fresh
thrown greenware. It's a little cramped for doing large handbuilding projects
(those, when & if they come along, are usually relegated to an adjacent room
that I've also since moved into.)

Amazingly, this small, narrow space is so much more convenient and efficient
than I imagined. (Of course, the kiln is set in a corner with cement walls &
floor, and space around it for safety concerns, and I usually don't work in
the room when the kilns a-cookin'.)

Let me know if the set-up interests you.

Sheilah Bliss