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updated tue 14 jul 98


Jonathan Kaplan on mon 13 jul 98

We made collanders and berry baskets for more years than I can remember.
These items were an integral part of our production line in both stoneware
and terra cotta.

We jiggered the bowl parts, after of course years of throwing them. We also
threw and jiggered the small tray that went underneath for the berry

When the pieces were leather hard, we used a series of templates and marked
the hole patterns. We had 4-6 patterns, simple geometric arrangements of
holes. We marked then entire days production and used an electric drill and
proceeded to drill out the holes en masse. The bowls were put on a banding
wheel to facilitate drilling around the entire form. The trick was using a
sharp drill bit bit and making sure the ware was starting to dry and not
wet at all. The holes drilled perfectly with little chipping. Any clay
residue was brushed off with a soft brush.

After bisque firing, all the work was blown off with an air hose and the
pots were dipped. We never had a problem with clogged holes. As I remember,
the holes were about 1/4" dia and shrunk down a small amount.

Hope this helps.


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