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airbrushing onto glass

updated thu 6 aug 98


Fay & Ralph Loewenthal on wed 5 aug 98

Dana was querying about airbrushing glazes / under glazes
onto glass, also what are glass paints. I thought it may be
interesting to the list so I am sending the reply to Clayart.
Glass paints are basically underglazes that melt at lower
temperatures. Blythe, now Cookson Mathey, calls them
Glass colours. They have a chart of colours, in four series,
that melt from 520C up to 720C. The series do overlap.
Glass melts / slumps at significantly lower temperatures
than are used normally in ceramics. I usually do fusing and
slumping below 800C. One should use over glazes and
lustres etc that one fires to 750C then you should get some
lovely results. There are glass paints / colours that melt
from 480C right up to almost 700C. These give the best
results. We have fired Degussa glass paints, that were
specified for 580C maximum, up to 800C getting some
lovely results. Only the red goes pink when it goes over
temperature. These glass paints are available from a
number of firms - Degussa, Ferro, and Cookson Mathey
(part of the Johnson Mathey group). There may be others
in the States, but these are the manufacturers selling in
South Africa. To convert centigrade to fahrenheit divide by
5 and multiply by 9 then add 32. Hope this helps the glass
artists Ralph in PE SA