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crystalline glazing

updated mon 27 jul 98


Chris Stanley on tue 21 jul 98

FYI. This months issue of "Advanced Materials and Processess"

Volume 154 Number 1 July 1998 from ASM international
The Materials Information Society

Contains a very nice article on the Crystalline glazes' of Jody Scott of
Blue Moon Clay in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

It explains process and materials and shows wonderful several example of
Mr. Scott's work.

I seriously doubt this is one of those magizines that is on the shelf at
Barns and Noble. Check with your local library.

Good hunting!


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Ron Roy on sat 25 jul 98

There is a new book on the market "Crystalline Glazes" by Diane Creber -
you will find it interesting.

I am sure it you will find it at pottery book stores and some pottery

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