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lampshades supplier (us)

updated thu 6 aug 98


Brad Sondahl on tue 4 aug 98

My old supplier disappeared, so I'm looking for a new source for cheap lampshade
lb. lamps which require larger shades--not clip ons. The ones I used to get co
prefer the new ones in the ball park. I favor small hand producers like myself.
item, so I only order 2 dozen or so per year. Thanks profusely.

Brad Sondahl

Kathi LeSueur on wed 5 aug 98

I buy my shades from Lampshades, Inc. in Chicago. They are a reputable
supplier with good quality shades in a large variety of fabrics. However, the
small quantity of shades you buy may be a problem. I buy 48 of a size and
fabric at one time. I still think it's worth a call.

Kathi LeSueur, Ann Arbor