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private lessons again

updated tue 28 jul 98


Dana Henson on mon 27 jul 98

Somehow I missed whatever message you posted in which you evidently were
addressing my comment about the idea of somebody being ripped off. I do not
understand your latest message nor do I understand what it is that you
However, I was only stating that it was apparent that Mr. Benuzue was
looking to charge a fair price, otherwise he would just rip people off.
Perhaps I should have clarified this...but it made sense to me. Either way, I
was merely saying that if he wanted to rip someone off, he surely wouldn't
anounce it in a public forum such as Clayart...and that he simply was
attempting to establish what other people considered to be fair, regarding pric
Dana Henson
(Broiling in Texas---where's the rain???)