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self study and a secret

updated tue 28 jul 98


Chris Stanley on sun 26 jul 98

Here's a little trick for those of you who wish to investigate the
pleasures of academic Art History/ Appreciation in the comfort of your own

1. Do a search for Art Appreciation on the internet.
2. Lots of information exists in the form of web based course that are
open for viewing by non-paying lurkers. My is!
The address is listed below. Some other sites have access codes in place,
but not many. The main reason for the acess code from the way it was
explained to me, is that when copyrighted information is used- it can only
be used in a limited manner. My Art Appreciation site goes to the main
sources. To access the sites, go to the links page and the assignment page.

This site has a series of scavenger hunts that the students undertake. I
equate it to a cross between "Where in the world is Carmen SanDeigo" and
Mister Rodgers goes to the Louvre.

The best site is my bosses!
It's the Drugs and Behavior site. It's hooked up to every thing.


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