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"big apple" galleries

updated tue 12 jan 99


Karen Shapiro on thu 31 dec 98

Well ... a New Year, another search for new galleries!
Do any of you know of likely "contemporary craft" galleries in New York city
who would be interested in new artists? I do raku-fired sculpture of
"everyday" pieces of life", e.g. oversized faux food, crayons, pencils,
makeup, etc. They are pieces which most people easily relate to and make most
folks smile.
I'm in galleries in San Francisco, Tucson, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and would
love to find a good one in New York City.
Any leads would be GREATLY appreciated from a Clayarter trying very hard to
eke out a living in Sonoma CA!

Cheryl Tall on mon 11 jan 99

Hi Karen: Here are the names of some "Big Apple" galleries from a list
I was given, but don't have personal experience with them. Would love
to know of some galleries in San Fran and Tuscon to send info to. My
work is sculptural also.

Garth Clark Gallery
Slowinski Gallery
Charles Cowles Gallery
Chuck Levitan Gallery
Greenwich Pottery

Hope this helps -
Cheryl Tall