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updated thu 14 jan 99


John Ford on wed 13 jan 99

owner-clayart=40LSV.UKY.EDU wrote:
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=3EAt 09:32 AM 1/7/99 EST, you wrote:
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=3E=3Ewhat would life be like without public education to organize our day
=3E=3EI've been wondering as I periodically check the local channel for =
=3E=3Eclosings. One more and the vocational school were I teach will be off =
=3E=3Ethe fourth day in a row. Can the parents take anymore =21=21=21=21
=3EKathy H.,
=3EI just wanted to let you know that life is great without
=3Epublic education to organize your day around.
=3EIn case you didn't know, there are thousands of families who have
=3Esaid =22no=22 to formal education and are educating their own children
=3Etheir own way.
=3EIf you'll go back and re-read your posting, particularly the last
=3Eparagraph, it is a total condemnation of public education.
=3EI agree completely, so my children have had no part of it.
=3EAll the concerns you raise are non-issuses for =22un-schooling=22
=3EDavid Hendley
=3EMaydelle, Texas
We have had 4 kids go thru public education and both of us taught in the
system. Our kids are interesting , fun to be with, social and street
smart. They are all in university, so the public system prepared them
fairly well, I'd say. They have been exposed to the good, bad and ugly of
education. Kind of like life, isn't it? I knew three families in Wiarton
that home schooled and the kids are total social misfits.
My family were big C conservative and I had a Grade 13 Political Philosophy
teacher Sauly Patel from South Africa that was a card carrying Communist.
The best teacher I ever had.
I was able to take on my dad at the dinner table in a political discussion.
I like my dad am very proud of the fact that our children are different
than their parents. Had different teachers and have minds of their own.
I asked a country potter in England why he put four holes in the top of his
casserole lids. His answer was =22Because, me father did=22.

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I don't know about the public education system in Texas. In Florida I was
fortunate to have taught a continuing education class at one of the local =
schools. Due to lack of funding, the physical facilities were run down to =
the least. The daytime art teacher had to sell candy bars to her students to
earn extra money to buy pencils and art supplies for her classes. A computer
for the classroom was out of the question let alone trying to find money to
fix the kilns. Maybe if we quit whining and spent some money on our schools
instead of trying to further deplete them by offering tax credits to get out
of them no one would feel it necessary to home school their children.

John Ford

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