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2nd clayart nceca mug exchange

updated sun 10 jan 99


Gordon on sat 9 jan 99

To Clayarters-
Let's do it again-exchange mugs in the ClayArt suite at the NCECA
convention.(The NCECA Conference is March 17-20 1999, in Columbus, Ohio)

1. make a mug-(no bigger than 9"x9"x9") actually make 2 and donate one to
the NCECA scholarship fund.
2. Please tape your card or your name to the outside of the donated mug
(it would be wonderful if you would include the method of
construction,clay-cone fired -glaze on the card )Put another loose card
with only your name on the inside of the mug to be used for the exchange.
3. Bring your mugs to the NCECA convention
4. Drop off your Clayart mug at the Clayart Hospitality room.
5 On Friday afternoon come to the exchange at 6pm and pick up your new mug
made by another Clayart member.
6. It is not possible to take part in this exchange unless you plan to be
at the convention.

We will put the extra cards of the participants in a hat and then
draw the names of the mug's new owner.

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact me.

Kathleen Gordon
Palo Alto,Ca

"If things seem under control you are not going fast enough"
Mario Andretti