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another bea wood fan

updated wed 19 aug 98


marie elaine on tue 18 aug 98

I am also a Beatrice Wood fan and must share with you my little story...
Last year I mustered up the courage to write to her (I got her home address
from an article about her that was featured in Studio Potter magazine ). I
simply wanted Beatrice to know that I fell in love with her work the very
first time I saw examples of those glorious lusters during a slide
presentation of american potters back when I was studying clay many many
years ago. I told her what an inspiration she was to me, and that I hope to
be working in clay way into my (please God) eighties plus.

You know, she wrote back! How I treasure her words to me... which is
bascially work work work.

Thought you would enjoy. Marie Elaine