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another use for giffin grip

updated wed 7 oct 98


Edward Cowell on mon 5 oct 98

Forgot to mention that I also find the Giffin Grip useful for holding bats
up to 11" in diameter. Sure beats drilling holes to fit wheel head. Have
used my Grip heavily during the past two years for this purpose and have
not seen any way that this piece of equipment has deteriorated because of it.

Laurie Cowell,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

June Perry on tue 6 oct 98

Laurie, what a good idea! I recently purchased an older treadle wheel without
the holes drilled in the metal wheel head and have been terrified to drill the
holes for fear of getting them mis-aligned and really botching it! :-(

So, until I get the courage to drill those holes, I'll play with the grip. Of
course I need to wait for my back to heal.

Hint -- when instructing students on loading a kiln don't hold that highest
shelf for too long as you instruct! :-( It's been a month, visits to the
chiropractor, cold packs, etc. and I still am healing --- slowly! :-(

Warm regards,