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updated fri 28 jun 02


Gayle Bair on tue 5 jan 99

Happy New Year Everyone,
After doing several years of small shows I am ready to
move into the bigtime! I'd like a display that looks
classy, is easy to set up, relatively inexpensive, not
too heavy, easily transported, and can weather abuse.
Are there sources for commercially made displays?
What lighting is the most efficient?
I figure the standard size usually is a 10'x10' space although
I have done shows with 8'x10' spaces. It needs to be versatile
enough to adapt to various sizes both indoor and outdoor.
I am curious to hear what you have that works well and
has stood the test of time.
Thanks in advance.
Gayle Bair

Julie Milazzo on thu 27 jun 02

Hey Lois,
A cheap and potentially interesting way to
display pots is to buy wooden ladders, and plain
wooden boards. You can have the boards sit on the
rungs, and it is a fairly inexpensive way to show off
pieces. You could also paint all of it, but there's
nothing wrong with the natural look. Another benefit
is that you can use the ladders for set up and take
down of your booth, which may not be an issue for you,
but at five feet, it certainly is for me. I was part
of a coop on Long Island that had their gallery set up
this way, and it looked really nice. Just make sure to
use wooden boards that are thick enough to bear the
weight. Half inch should be the minimum. Jules

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