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broken mugs

updated wed 4 nov 98


RedIron Studios on tue 3 nov 98

Hi all,
I just wanted to say to the originator of the "Did I sell broken mugs" and
the person whom gave "swishing" instructions that I hope I was not
judgemental or abrasive. I was trying to point out how careful we have to be
when marketing ourselves and hand made ceramics in general.
If we make something that will be marketed as "functional\utilitarian" then
we must strive for the highest standards possible. We need to understand
our glazes and the interaction with our clay bodies.
If we make it so people "think" that handmade functional ceramics must be
given extra special care, then it seems to me that a we must lose a certain
percentage of sales. People who want nice work, and to use it, but not baby
it. Anyways thats my two cents and I'm not even awake yet....

RedIron Studios