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updated thu 13 aug 98


Tracy Jane Jacobs on wed 12 aug 98

Hi, I don't know what part of the country you're in, but I would
reccommend talking to Jep Bright at Bright Foundry in Louisville, KY.
Bright foundry has an excellent national reputation and is a friendly
place; they will work with the artist and provide technical assistance and
state of the art casting facilities!
Tracy Bright Foundry
1621 E. Washington St. Louisville, KY (502) 589-4337

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Paul Monaghan wrote:

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Bob,
> There are many good foundries in the US. One near me which comes to
> mind is Scott Art Castings in Indianapolis, IN. Contact David Scott at
> 2029 N. German Church Rd.; Indianapolis, IN.; 46229 His phone is
> 317-894-3915 and the FAX is -2482.
> Where would this person like to work since there may be closer
> facilities. You can also contact the International Sculpture Center in
> Washington, DC at 202-785-1144 FAX -0810 or go to their Website at
> They published a great guide called the
> "Foundry Guide and Directory" listing foundries and their services from
> all over the country.
> I am sending this to the list since I think it will be of general and
> great interest to many people. If you need any specifics just let me
> know.
> Paul Monaghan
> WEB2U Productions
> the SECRETS are at
> Robert Yellin wrote:
> > ----------------------------Original
> > message----------------------------
> > >From a still Numazu night I have a request from a renowned Japanese
> > Bizen potter
> > who is looking for a studio-forge to make bronze reliefs in. Does
> > anyone
> > know of
> > any place in the US that would be helpful? I would be most grateful
> > for
> > any leads-
> > please e-mail me directly at:
> > A thousand arigato's.
> > Robert Yellin