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brushmaking --glenn grishkoff

updated sun 22 nov 98


Alice Smrcka on sat 21 nov 98

The brushmaking workshop at Sierra Nevada College with Glenn Grishkoff
was fabulous. His brushes were designed to be both functional
and works of art. I've been making brushes from deer tail and
bamboo for several years and learned many new techniques at his
workshop. Great alternative materials for brushes and handles.
Designing brushes as art forms. His brushes were a delight to see and
use. I highly recommend his workshop. He is a very good instructor--
attention to details. The Lake Tahoe area and campus was a treat also.
Sheri Sweigard coordinated the workshop. Sheri is a delightful person.
She and her students are on the featured on the back of Ceramics Monthly
in the ad for Skutt kilns-- she is the Queen of De Nile.;-)

Glenn mentioned that he is giving a brushmaking workshop in Oregon soon.
He also mentioned to be careful of roadkill-especially skunk. If you
are going to collect-- put the tail in a bag with powdered laundry soap.
The soap will help absorb moisture and is good for cleaning and
deodorizing while transporting it. I then clean, debone, scrape hide,
wash with soap and water, then borax and salt it.

Contact Glenn at University of Idaho--Moscow, Idaho:

Sheri Sweigard at Sierra Nevada College, Lake Tahoe for other great

Source for hide and fur-- Moscow Hide and Fur-- they have a website.
Search under deertail or bucktail.