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changing opinions - giffin grip

updated sat 10 oct 98


David Hendley on fri 9 oct 98

At 08:56 AM 10/7/98 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Similarly this go around most of the Giffin Grip responses are positive
>and yet last time there were a lot of admonitions to learn to trim the
>"right" way before taking a shortcut.
>Cheryl Litman

Cheryl, I still have no place in my studio for a 'Giffen Grip', and I
know several of my Clayart buddies feel the same way.
I guess we are just tired of swimming against the current and
don't care to be swept away.

I don't like the grip because:
It centers one section of a pot, and that may not be the section I
want centered. Or, I might not want any of it exactly centered.

It's useless for (not that large) large bowls, which is a lot of what I make.

A quickly thrown solid chuck for cups, or open chuck for bottles
is just as fast.

A foam bat is just as fast for small production items.

I hate little plastic parts that break and get lost.

And yes, you students, I still think that even if there is a grip in
your ceramics classroom you would be better served to not touch
it for a couple of years.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas