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clay whistles postings!

updated tue 27 oct 98


Amy Gossett on mon 26 oct 98

I am so excited to see that there were so many people ecstatic over the clay
whistle directions that I began wondering what would be the best way to =
the information to you guys=21 SO.....folks I have decided to make a web
page...This will be much easier for you guys to see actual photos from my
digital camera, and I can make a leatherhard piece that I can cut open and
photograph for those of you who learn better from photos rather than from
written directions=21 For those of you who learn from written ='re
on your own...NO NO NO just kidding...I will include both ways=21

This is fun for me...It lets me be a teacher again=21
I will be in touch soon with everyone to let them where they can find the
Amy Gossett
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me...please include CLAYART in the subject line=21
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