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updated tue 5 jan 99


Paul \"Standing Bear\" on mon 4 jan 99

Happy New Year fellow Clayarters,

A few fellow potters and myself are thinking about starting our own co-op here
in So. Calif., and we could use your help. I have visited Ohio and other mid
western states and have seen these co-ops which seem to be to doing ok.

If any of you belong to a successful co-op and want to share your views,
concerns or any other information with me, it would be appreciated. Trying not
to recreate the wheel. I'm sure many of you can help.

If you do not want to share the information with everyone, I understand and
will leave my e- mail address at the bottom of this note.

There are about twenty people interested; however, I think only four
principles and myself will oversee the operation. I am thinking about giveing
lessons three nights a week and the rest of the time open studio.

Well, you get the idea, look forward to hearing from you.



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