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cobalt poisoning

updated sat 5 sep 98


Sarah Bowers on tue 1 sep 98

We would like any information anyone has on cobalt poisoning, treatments,
prognosis, and experts on the subject. Thanks.

Tom Buck on fri 4 sep 98

Sue H:
As Monona Rossol noted, the toxic level of cobalt and its
compounds is not too well documented. My dictionary says cobalt metal is
hazardous because the dust will burst into flame. The tolerance level in
air for Cobalt metal is given as 0.1 milligram per cubic metre of air. I
think that means less than 1 ppm.
Cobaltous carbonate basic, ie, Co(III)CO3.OH, is the common
industrial compound we potters usually buy... the red violet powder. My
book doesn't think this is hazrdous. But me, I'd be very careful handling
it.... The same is true for the oxides, the black one is common but there
are grey and grey-black ones too. Again, no statement about the likely
Finally, if you were to ingest B-12 (cobaltammine) as a supplement
to your diet, the amount that is usually included in B-complex tablets is
50 micrograms (max of two tabs per day is condsidered ok).

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