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cone 06-04 clear glaze needed

updated fri 30 oct 98


Jim Bozeman on tue 27 oct 98

I know there are lots of cone 06 clear glazes out there and I have
tested a lot myself. But I usually have problems such as pinholing or
crazing. Can anyone give me a tried and tested clear glaze that truly
works well? Thanks, Jim Bozeman

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Donn Buchfinck on thu 29 oct 98

Duncan makes an unbeatable line of clear glazes

I know this goes against what some of those diehard potters out there feel the
way to do clay is, do everything, even mix your own glazes but I took glaze
calc in school and I have had a glaze chemist try to make a good clear, but I
finaly modified my clay body to fit a duncan glaze.

So now I have a red earthenware clay body that I can put a duncan glaze on and
It does not craze

the commercial glazes are consistent, they are always the same when it comes
to application

plus if anyone wants to know if the glazes are food safe I can stand by the
product and say that it is.

buy small bottles of the glazes and test them

Donn Buchfinck