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copper reds/varigation as desideratum

updated wed 28 oct 98


Jeff Lawrence on tue 27 oct 98

David Hendley says:
>I LIKE bubbles, crystals, and patches of unmelted stuff=21
>I see thousands of bubbles in my glazes with just a 20X hand magnifier.
>At 20X, my copper red glaze is full of bubbles, full of blue-ish areas, and
>is speckled with dark red and brown spots.
>It's a beautiful glaze.
>A completely uniform bright red glaze is not what I want, and, in my
>opinion, would be pretty boring.

Hello David,

It is a cruel injustice to accuse my glazes of mechanistic uniformity.

I'll have you know that my glazes stretch the definition of "that which
doesn't quite revulse."

Perhaps I am an aesthetic pioneer. As my glazes metastasize through the
world, somebody will look at a pot and think, "at least it's better than
that Jeff's glazes" and the world of the beautiful (as defined by "that
which is not ugly") will have been expanded.

Maybe I should start going by just one name...