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copper sulphate? {how much}

updated tue 15 sep 98


Brian Crocker on mon 14 sep 98

Nalis, re copper sulphate how much do you add? Your collection of Raku =
glazes I
have 4 that work do you have some you would like to e.mail to my address? My
club is running a Ruku firing this next Saturday and Sunday and I am sure a =
more would be appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you,
Kind regards,
Brian C.

Brian Crocker.
4 Erica Street, Tea Tree Gully, S.A. 5091
=7B e.mail address =7D

=3E ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3E I have run across a small amount of copper sulphate and heard that it is
=3E used to produce rainbow effects in raku glazes. I have only been doing
=3E raku for a couple years( total) , but have aquired quite a few raku
=3E glazes none of which have copper sulphate.
=3E Any clues? Any advice? Any recipe's?
=3E many thanks in advance
=3E Nalis