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crystalline firing?

updated sun 30 aug 98


Barney Adams on sat 29 aug 98

I dont mean too sound too dumb with this question, but I've
been reading the Potter's Dictionary I'm up to the J's now.
All this information drifts around in my head and I was kinda
wondering how to apply it. Recently I did a reduction firing
in my electric 1027 which has me very excited by the results.
Now I have all this info about crystalline glazes and such and I'm
wondering if I can just mimic a crystalline firing with the premixed
glazes I use to invoke crytal growth. I do a lot of dipping one glaze
over another for effects. So my question would be could I just program
a firing up to ^6 quickly then drop it to ^5 quickly and do a very
slow cool down to 1400F. The if the glazes I have or their combinations
are correct I could provoke a crystal into growing....or am I missing something.