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empty bowl project

updated mon 21 dec 98


Edward Cowell on fri 18 dec 98

I am a member of the Waterloo Potters' Workshop in Waterloo, Ontario,
Canada, and we are in the process of organizing our Empty Bowl Project.
During the month of January, with the involvement of members, former
members and outside potters (approx. 70 people), we have set ourselves the
goal of producing 500 soup bowls in an assembly-line type of production at
our Workshop. Those who are unable to participate in the group activities
at the Workshop are donating their own finished bowls to add to the
inventory. In co-operation with the local Food Bank, these bowls filled
with soup donated by local chefs will be sold to the public at a one or
two-day event. People will get to enjoy some delicious soup, keep the bowl
and know the proceeds are going to assist in the feeding of the hungry.

The organizers have been quite amazed at the very positive response they
have received when contacting people about being involved with the project.
When one gives, one also receives.

Laurie Cowell

Edward Cowell on sun 20 dec 98

The Waterloo Potters' Workshop Empty Bowl Project was based on an
information packet we received from The Imagine/Render Group, a Non-profit
organization established to create positive social change through the arts
and arts education. Send $1.00 U.S. to defray postage and printing costs to:

Lisa Blackburn/John Hartom,
P. O. Box 150040
Franklin, MI. 48025

Background information is provided regarding world hunger, and many good
suggestions are given as to how such a project can be organized.

Laurie Cowell