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fluke (digital) thermometers

updated mon 2 nov 98


orion on sun 1 nov 98

I've been using a Fluke 52 (two-thermocouple) thermometer for the last
couple of years and find it much more useful than analog (dial type) gages.
Wouldn't want to fire without a digital one anymore!

The great about having a digital readout is that you can determine RATE of
increase or decrease in temperature by timing changes over a minute or two.
(For instance, a change of 3 degrees per minute figures out to 180 degrees
per hour.) It's particularly handy to use during a firing soak!

Of course, a high temperature thermometer can't hope to measure heat work --
but it's amazing how reliable and "close to the cones" this instrument has
been. It's performed much better than I ever thought it would -- hasn't
needed a single calibration adjustment over more than 40 firings!

Best to all,

Ellen Baker -- Glacier, WA