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frames for tiles

updated thu 17 dec 98


Susan Wagener on mon 14 dec 98

Does anyone know of a source for frames that I can use with 4 x 4 and 6 x 6

Thanks in advance!

Susan Wagener
Puffin Pottery
Bloomington, IN

Tony Hermsen on mon 14 dec 98

Try Aftosa, at they carry a number of products for use
with tile.

gail sheffield on tue 15 dec 98

Aftosa has frames for 4" tiles (also round ones). Tel. # 1
(800) 231-0397. I also would like a source for 6" tiles.

Gail Sheffield
Covington, LA

Anj Campbell on tue 15 dec 98


Aftosa advertises "trivet frames" for 4 1/4" tiles starting at
$3.95 each as well as wood boxes with lids sized for 4 and 6" tiles.
If there is a branch within reach for you, also check out the
craft supply chains "Michael's" and MJDesigns. Some of their stores
carry single and multiple tile fames sized for a standard 4 1/4" tile
at not much more than Aftosa charges.

And if all else fails--talk with a woodcrafter in your area.
Someone with access to a mitre saw or router might be able to make
them for you at a competitive price.

Anj Campbell
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Jim Bozeman on tue 15 dec 98

Susan, Georgie's in Portland, OR sells pre-made frames for tiles. I just
make my own with my bandsaw. Jim Bozeman

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Paul Lewing on wed 16 dec 98

Try a picture frame shop. They often have a configuration of picture
molding that will work for a tile frame. I used to have a frame shop
make them for me, but they had to use the molding upside down. Took
me a while to explain that to them. And I also had them drill a hole
in the center of one side of the back so they could be hung. When the
first order of 200 came, I had to explain to them that the hole wasn't
supposed to go all the way through the frame!

Many of the tile artists in this area seem to know some retired
woodworker who turns out frames for them in his basement. Or try a
high school wood shop. Maybe you can find a student who'd like a
project. Or a Junior Achievers group. (Do they still have those?)

Good luck,
Paul Lewing, Seattle

Dai Scott on wed 16 dec 98

Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA has frames for 6" tiles.
Dai Scott