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galleries, workshops and other pot stuff in ny (really manhattan)

updated sun 6 sep 98


Russel Fouts on fri 4 sep 98

I'm in Manhattan for two weeks sometime between the 28th of September and
the 16th of October (not yet sure which two weeks) and am looking for any
workshops happening during that period (contact info too please), workshops
and people to visit, shows etc. Also, cheap "potter friendly" places to

I've been to NY many times visiting friends but never for pot related stuff

There's lots of stuff in the archives (and I'm finding it!) but I'm looking
for more current.

Thanks in advance.


PS, and if you reply publicly, other people can find it later.

Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
32 2 223 02 75

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Karen Gringhuis on sat 5 sep 98

Russel - for Classic oriental pots, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It
also has a wonderful table by George Nakashima + a video of him - check
the video schedule &make an effort to see it. Man does not live by
clay alone. Near this table is the Noguchi water basin - the video
monitor also shows the installation of this - fascinating.

Workshops & events - phone the 92nd.St YMHA and ask for Frank & Polly
Martin in the ceramics depts. Or e-mail them.

Garth Clark Gallery of 57th St & Dai Ichi Gallery in the same bldg.
are worth a visit. Garth also sells some books & monographs not
readily found elsewhere.

Enjoy your trip.