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gallery backrooms filled with unsold work?

updated fri 4 sep 98


Wendy Rosen on thu 3 sep 98

Stockpiling Goods- A New Trend
Galleries and shops have been stockpiling craftwork in back rooms and
basements ever since spring... some of the stuff hasn't seen the light of
day since March... Why?

Lack of confidence in ship dates and fear of artists production limitations
seem to be the biggest reasons. While good for artists in the short run...
this will backfire when retailers find themselves strapped for cash just
when they need it... for xmas! I hear this story over and over again.

Maybe we should return to the "RESERVE" card days ... then everyone will
have a more reliable and even selling cycle. Writing a whole years' worth
of orders in February makes no sense and forces artists to make the SAME
stuff year after year. The cycle has to break soon.

I don't see this continuing through next year... buyers will get more
cautious soon. We may see a slowdown in February... maybe some artists
will have the time needed to design and text some new ideas for summer!


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