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gallery help!!!

updated sat 14 nov 98


lpskeen on thu 12 nov 98

Y'all, I think I'm in a spot, big time. In March I was in Atlanta for
the G/L Arts festival. A woman approached me and said she'd like to
carry my raku work in her gallery. When I went back down the last
weekend of June, I took over a dozen pieces and left 'em in her
gallery. I have a signed contract as well as digital photos of SOME of
them in the gallery - not all, since I took some of them on another day
and she was SUPPOSED to take pics and send them to me. (She didn't.)

She sold one of my pieces before I even left Atlanta in June, but she
sold it on layaway, and sent me half the money in July. I have heard
not one word from them since then. I have called at least twice, and
emailed her once a month since August, but she will not return either my
calls or my emails. I have no idea what is happening (and yes now I see
why some of you are against having work in out-of-state galleries) down
there, but I'm getting tired of the runaround.

What do y'all experienced folks advise on this situation? I wish I had
time to go down there before xmas, but I just don't. I'm in the process
of writing a letter to the owner, and will send it certified mail, but
don't really know what that'll get me, except another postal charge.
Will the DA in Atlanta do anything for me, or should I call the sherrif
instead? I don't know what to do.....

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Berry Silverman on fri 13 nov 98

I know here in Tucson a gallery owner who had not paid artists their
share of consigment sales was prosecuted for theft -- in this case,
grand theft -- and received a prison term. So you might inquire of
the police or DA in Atlanta if they prosecute in similar cases. If
they do, your letter might contain a bigger stick. Good luck.
Berry Silverman,
Berryware, Tucson, Arizona
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