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gallery help!!! horror story

updated sat 14 nov 98


D. Kim Lindaberry on fri 13 nov 98


I can't say that I can help with your problem, but I'm curious what the
name of the gallery is? I'm just curious if it is the gallery where the
staff of my former gallery in Atlanta moved to.

I personally have a large piece stuck in a closed gallery in Altanta.
The operator of the gallery died several years ago, and the gallery shut
down. The husband was supposed to ship my piece back to me, but he never
has seemed to find the time to pack it up. (Too busy I guess, he's a
freakin lawyer) The last time I heard anything from him was a year ago.
The gallery staff was supposed to take care of shipping it back to me
when they shut down the gallery, but they told him I said it was ok to
keep it there until it sold. Logic would tell anyone that a piece
sitting in a gallery that is closed down won't have much chance of
getting sold doesn't it? A year ago he acknowledged my piece was there,
safe and sound, and he'd get it back to me. Haven't seen hide nor hair
of it for a year, or heard from him either. I'd go knock on the door of
his law office except I live in Kansas City. Way too far for a day trip
to get my piece back. I guess I've gotten off on my own tangent here.
Anyone from down that way planning a trip to the midwest in the future?
I'm afraid the only way I'll ever get the piece back is to take matters
in my own hands and arrange for transport myself.


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