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gallery vs. artist

updated fri 11 dec 98


Kristin Doner on thu 10 dec 98

This discussion brings to mind how I felt before I decided to start
doing my artwork full time.

Specifically the feeling that "Wow! wouldn't it be great to do my
artwork full time and earn a living from it." It had seemed that I would
have a constant high from being submerged in the creative process,
and the work that flowed from my fingertips would sell itself. Of course
I knew that there were things I still had to learn about, but instinctively
I just knew that those pieces would fall into place as needed. And even
if the rest of it got daunting, I could always take refuge in the studio and
escape into making yet more new creations.

Now on the other side of that, it doesn't look anything like I thought
it would. Being a business person takes up much more time that I ever
thought it would.... and it doesn't take care of itself! This is a lot of very
hard work! I've taken risks that many people would never even give a
second thought to. Fortunately I don't have a family that depends on me...
can't imagine they'd still be here if I did. Not that I regret a second of it.
It *has* been a wonderful high, and I wouldn't do a single thing differently....
BUT..... *it wasn't what it LOOKED like*

My point is that the galleries might make it look easy, but it isn't.
And, yes, we have all seen a gallery close up and go away.... but I'm sure
that was not a decision made lightly on their part. And they will likely have
to deal with the repercussions from that for a long time to come. I strongly
doubt that any of them set out to "take advantage" of the artists they
represent..... doesn't meant that some artists *don't* get taken advantage
of... but I doubt that was the intention.

Kristin Doner