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giffin grip trimmings

updated mon 7 dec 98


Thonas C. Curran on sun 6 dec 98

Yes, the Giffin grip "toy" (I agree with nomenclature---all fun new
tools are toys) does make for mess. The only thing I have thought of is
going at slowish speed and then stopping to collect the debris on the
wheel before it goes on the floor, dumping it in the slop pail as I go
I hope someone else has a better idea. My old Shimpo needs an new
bearing, so I'm using CI wheel now. It's tough to get between 14"
wheelhead and the splash pan on the CI wheel, and it is a pain to
clean. I'll watch for answers to your query, Chris. It's one of those
questions common to so many of us. (I chose not to make reply, since
there was message from someone yesterday advising those of us new to
clayart not to transfer original question text to our answer. I deleted
message before I could thank her, which I do indirectly now. I'll get
this cyber-etiquette down yet. ) Carolyn aka cnc