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giffin grip/scrap catcher

updated tue 8 dec 98


Carolynn Palmer on mon 7 dec 98

I trim on my Robert Brent wheel which has a very low splash pan which didn't
catch any trimmings at all so I went to K-mart and purchased two large round
plastic pans. They are called "30 quart" plastic containers. They are about
10 inches tall and approximately 18-20 inches in diameter.

First I cut them both into two pieces - but not equal pieces because I wanted
them to overlap about 3 inches on both sides when the two pieces were re-
aseembled around the wheel shaft (underneath the throwing head), to form a new
pan. (That is why you need to purchase TWO of these containers, to get two
overlapping sections.)

Then I used the Brent's splash pan as a pattern and cut the bottoms to fit
underneath the wheel head and overlap, also. When these two overlapping
sections are put into place, I clip the top of the overlaps together with a
couple of spring-loaded clamps (like welder's use) and it keeps almost all
trimmings from flying around. It is easy to empty, too. I just unclip the
two sections and tilt them as they are removed and they contain the trimmings
for transport to my recycle bucket.

These plastic containers cut easily with my Xacto knife and scissors.

Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan