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hump and school

updated mon 12 oct 98


Randall Moody on sun 11 oct 98

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From: Donn Buchfinck
Date: Thursday, October 08, 1998 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: S- cracks off the hump

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>wedge a 15 lb of clay and cut it into 30 balls
>i could never throw off the hump
>I always got s-cracks
>1/2 lb is so small that all you need is a chunk
>why not try to make the teabowl out of 2-3 lbs
>teabowls were not traditionaly small
>where is your school

I would definitely not wedge 1/2 lb balls individually, my hands aren't
small enough! The reason I prefer 1/2 lb. is that I like to throw as thin as
possible and 2-3 lbs. is rather large when I get finished. This is not to
say I am good by any means! I am actually still an undergrad (apparently for
I am attending Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale under the
instruction of Harris Deller. I hope to have the web site up in November and
will announce it on Clayart when I do.
Thanks for the replies!