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junk landing on platters

updated sun 15 nov 98


Berry Silverman on sat 14 nov 98

Patrice Murtha wrote:
> ----------------------------Original
message--------------------------- The second problem is that my
platters seem to
> collect evey bit of junk that flies around in the kiln. It all
> in the bottom of the platter or plate or for that matter any wide
> Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? It can be very
> discouraging. Thanks for any help.
Patrice, those horizontal shapes really do pick up junk in the glaze
firing. Best thing to do is vacuum, vacuum, vacuum before loading the
kiln. Take out all the shelves and vacuum every inch, including
crevasses. Make sure your shelves are clean as you put them in. They
may be picking up grit and dirt from the floor or wherever you stack
them. And keep the kiln closed in between firings. You can always try
a dremel and refire later, too. Often works just fine.

Berry Silverman,
Berryware, Tucson, Arizona
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