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lid mahalos

updated mon 4 jan 99


Malone & Dean McRaine on sun 3 jan 99

Aloha all. Thanks for all the stuck lid fix suggestions. I did manage to
get all the lids off by hanging the pots by the knobs on the lids, execution
style, and banging away. I must admit I took a certain savage pleasure in
the lynching image of this scenario after all the frustration I have been
through on this project. The weight (25lbs) of the pot and the pressure of
my leg hooked over the top combined with judicious banging and liberal
screaming managed to free them. Bit of an adrenaline rush when they finally
popped off. Once again I was reminded of Conan's Credo "If brute force
doesn't work, you're not using enough." It took a while. Great ideas, I'll
use some of them for sure.
Mahalo means thank you in Hawaiian