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london (longish)

updated sat 21 nov 98


mel jacobson on thu 19 nov 98

is a very nice city.
it is old, historic, young and vital.
we really like that place.
went to see old friends at the v&a (victoria/albert museum) ming, simple and
elegant, song, rich and vibrant. japanese tea bowls and swords.....just
reminders of what to try and be.....a craftsman.

we all need that reminder now and then, especially when we get caught up
in the rat race of human existence.

walk down the champs/elysee, look at the trees, the ponds, the people.
french, interesting. walk to the louvre, lots of art.

have the thrill of riding the train to paris, under the english channel in 20
minutes, 200 miles an hour.....awesome. (is britain an island any longer?)
well, at least ireland still is.

the thrill of riding in a wonderful airplane, 35,000 feet off the ground,
600 miles an hour and land comfortable in london, 7.5 hours later.
amazing. respect that thrill.

met jenny and friends.

talked with donald a great deal about the bible project....looked at drawings,
ideas, sorted some things. what a craftsman, indeed.

we saw an exhibit of 18th century wood carving, took my breath away.
beyond belief.

it is good to remind ourselves what humans are capable of making with
their hands.....and what we have done in the past, helps us in the future.

editorial note) no wonder i get ill sometimes, looking at post modern,
verbal directed, skill, no craft, no idea. copied from
last month's magazine. makes for bad art.

so, back and at it.
going to do some extrusions with one of nil's, great, air powered extruders.
we did a trade, so tools are passing someplace across montana as we
speak. as usual, nils sent me packing with about 300 new ideas and things
to try. of course, i got to teach him one thing. (although, he may have
faking when he said,`i didn't know that`.)

just think, i have been to the heat show, with hundreds of ideas, then
the train kiln that tony is building, looked at dannon's new pots, then
a long weekend with nils.......and europe.....jeez, my brain is spilling

i think it is time to go `harvest` a deer.....(i never have slaughtered, or
one in my life.)
language, what a wonderful art.
i will hunt this fall with our neighbor nels lindy, (clayart)a full time
potter, and with reg behrens,(clayart)
a full time potter.........they feed their families with natural food,
game, ducks.
fish, deer. they have big gardens, raise crops, give and take from the land.
we have purchased almost 250 acres of wisconsin land to develop habitat
for wild animals.........we are stewards of the land, we do not own it. we
just do
our best for that around us.
we now have bauld eagles at our farm, kestrels, bluebirds, fighting over
boxes, indigo buntings................and they are all coming back each
year with more
children. wonderful. things are changing....for the better.
but, we have to all work at it.