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lpg kiln lighting accidents and

updated tue 15 sep 98


Fred Paget on mon 14 sep 98

I had a nice scare the other day while I was lighting my new gas kiln using
a propane torch to light the pilots. I pressed the BASO valve button and
applied the torch to the pilot then took it away. Didn't think the pilot
was lit because of air in the line so I put the torch back and WHOOMPH!
The main burner valve was on and the torch had heated the thermocouple
enough to turn on the BASO valve.
The main burner was putting out a lot of gas and it is lucky I didn't wait
too long before I put the torch to it again because the kiln was filling
with gas. As it was I got a nice lesson. Always do that check list before

Fred Paget

>Almost always..., if you use a BASO valve with "interuption" and each burner
>has a BASO valve. In this instance, each burner would have a pilot light of
>some sort and that pilot would have to be "proven" to the BASO valve before
>you could get gas to the main burner. ...snip.
>Now, why the qualifier at the beginning of the previous paragragh? As I've
>gotten older, I've gotten almost 100 percent sure that nothing is 100 percent
>Marc Ward

From Fred Paget, in marvelous Marin County, California, USA