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metal leaching--request to share data

updated wed 18 nov 98


John Hesselberth on tue 17 nov 98

Some of you may remember that when I started on my literature search on
this subject I offered to begin a data base of metal leaching data if
Clayarters would share it with me. In the last month I have received a
grand total of 1 piece of data (thanks again Pete) -- I guess technically
that is a datum -- and that was for the vinegar soak test. It wasn't a
quantitative analysis. Either no one is having glazes tested or, for
whatever reason, no one is willing to share their data.

I have had 6 glazes tested so far and will continue at a measured pace.
I will share that data when it begins to make some sense to me. Is
anyone else willing to share their's? I would need the recipe, the
firing conditions and the results. If you have some, please consider
sending it to me. As before, if you ask me to keep it confidential, I
will. In that case I will only use it to help me draw conclusions. Send
anything you are willing to to Thanks.

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